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brandon lee dildo
This is my very first realistic dildo, and I must say, I am VERY impressed! I am not sure why I have never had one before, I think it is just my aversion to the male anatomy. I think that the penis is ugly, so having dildos in pretty colors […]

Brandon Lee dildo

icicle 12
Erotic Toy Town was gracious enough to offer me this Icicles #12 to review, because they knew about my quest to own them all….like Pokemon “Gotta Fuck ’em all, Gotta fuck ’em all…ICICLES!” That’s how it goes, right? I let them down by taking too long, and I sincerely¬†apologize for […]

Icicles #12

Rainbow Nubby Wand
I have SERIOUSLY been loving glass lately! I know when I first heard of glass toys, I was SO scared. I mean, what if they broke while I was using them? Thing is, they won’t! You’d have to be into some heavy shit to break one of these bad boys! […]

Rainbow Nubby Wand