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I have seen it all over my facebook timeline “Fifty Shades promotes abuse” and I didn’t understand it. I figured that maybe they didn’t understand BDSM and the care put into it. BDSM is not abuse, it is the exact opposite of that. The book, in my opinion, did a […]

Fifty Shades of Grey – Book vs. Movie

mile high club
The Mile High Club was edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. It features 19 stories by : Bill Kte’pi, Zach Lindley, Desiree, Jeremy Edwards, Sommer Marsden, Matt Conklin, Vanessa Vaughn, Craig J. Sorensen, Donna George Storey, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Stan Kent, Elizabeth Coldwell, Thomas S. Roche, Alison Tyler, […]

The Mile High Club

do not disturb
From the Introduction by Rachel Kramer Bussel Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories was edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and features 20 stories from authors you have heard of and some that you only wish you had heard of sooner.  Amanda Earl, Alison Tyler, Stan Kent, Andrea Dale, Tess Danesi,  Isabelle Gray,  Madlyn March, Lillian Ann Slugocki, Saskia […]

Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories