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I have seen it all over my facebook timeline “Fifty Shades promotes abuse” and I didn’t understand it. I figured that maybe they didn’t understand BDSM and the care put into it. BDSM is not abuse, it is the exact opposite of that. The book, in my opinion, did a […]

Fifty Shades of Grey – Book vs. Movie

Jopen Intensity
I’m sure you know how bad I wanted this thing! I wrote about it so many times! I was approved by Jopen to review it and I was ecstatic! The time it took from when they approved me, to when it was delivered seemed like months! It was only about 2 […]

Jopen Intensity

Ahh the Wartenberg Pinwheel! It is a torture device to love! I have wanted one of these for a really long time, and then Babeland came up with the great idea of having me review it, man do they rock! The Wartenberg Pinwheel (also goes by Wartenberg Wheel and Wartenberg […]

Wartenberg Pinwheel