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The eternal quest of women to look sexier and more alluring in the bedroom is a confounding game. In theory, the appearance of a naked and captive feminine form, should be enough to create a mood, a mode, and myriad possibilities for sensual exploration. The more and more I become comfortable with showing my body however, the more I want to dress it up in novel new designs of sheer underthings and full body lingerie.

Learning From The Masters

I have learned some amazing techniques for successfully wearing lingerie from an unlikely, yet understandably authoritative source. Women tend to sabotage their own sexiness with the mundane. Men, rather cross-dressing men, are obsessed with authentic female beauty. From the most basic foundations, they engage in creating the appearance of feminine beauty using every type of makeup, shape-wear, lingerie, faux body details, and fashions available to them. Fortunately, many adventurous mens cross-dressing bedroom clothing are miraculously wonderful for real women as well.

Searching And Shopping In Unlikely Places

It’s no secret that female intimate clothing is much different in real life than in advertisements. Using a waifish model, designers can make any naughty piece of clothing look like a miracle. The reality of course, can be a little disappointing. This is where taking a few hints from the best cross-dressers comes in handy. Successful (passable) cross-dressing men must find the best intimate clothing to transform their bodies into sexy, intriguing, and inviting female alter-selves. Cross-dressers find the sources for the best intimate designs, and in doing so, reveal to women the best sources for their own authentic intimate clothing needs.

Great Crossover Cross-dressing Intimate Apparel For Women

Online gaff and crossdresser clothing boutiques like have huge catalogs of hard-to-find designs that are sexy and forgiving. Signature pieces like bodystockings, long sleeve teddies, sheer mini dresses, stretch garters, and contoured bustiers are ideal for experimenting cross-dressers, but are also perfect for real women by default. Designers who make quality intimate clothing for cross-dressers, are careful to make every feature ultimately comfortable and alluring. How can a real woman not benefit from this? I certainly have!

The secret to shopping online cross-dresser catalogs is paying attention to the items that are purchased by cross-dressers with specific needs. Cross-dressing men will shop for items that slim a waist, lift a bust, enhance a neckline, or make a booty “pop.” It seems women are shopping for the same thing when it comes to wearing something in the bedroom. Cross-dressers always find the ideal design, size, and fit. I believe women can learn a great deal from these selective shoppers, and find a great piece of lingerie for intimate times in the most unlikely of places.

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