Icicles #12

icicle 12Erotic Toy Town was gracious enough to offer me this Icicles #12 to review, because they knew about my quest to own them all….like Pokemon “Gotta Fuck ’em all, Gotta fuck ’em all…ICICLES!” That’s how it goes, right? I let them down by taking too long, and I sincerely apologize for that. On another note, it may be a good thing for YOU! Since they have the whole Icicles line on sale right now!

This is a glass dildo, which means you can use ANY kind of lube that your “heart” desires. My favorite lubes are silicone based, which is why I prefer glass over silicone toys. Glass is also really easy to clean; you can throw it in the dishwasher, use a 10% bleach solution, cleaning spray or wipes….really anything, since it is non-porous and won’t react negatively to any of the cleaning methods…just another reason why I love glass!

I was really curious about the weight, so I asked Master to put it on the scale he uses for his winemaking materials, and found out that it was more than a half pound! That kind of surprised me…I guess I just haven’t weighed my other glass toys?

The Icicles #12 has some great texture to it, in the way of bumps in varying sizes. Each one gives a nice “pop” each time is enters, but didn’t really pop on the way out. The head of this toy is shaped like a rose, and has crevices that need a little extra attention when cleaning, but nothing that would make me tell you not to buy this. It isn’t really hidden as a rose well enough to leave it out on your coffee table though. It is pretty, but not enough to be easily disguised.

#12 is about 7.75 inches long, and most of that is insertable. You can see that the base is very short, but it is wide enough to allow this toy to stand on your dresser without assistance.

I really enjoy the variety in sizes that this toy offers, you can see that it starts out with an average size head, then goes down in size, then back up again, then down even more, and so-on. The shaft that is neat the base is just a little smaller than the largest part of the head. It really gives a great feel that seems to change with each push.

All Icicles (well, all that I have so far) come in a nice box that has a magnetic closure. I keep them stored in this, since I like the way they look, and the boxes have all held up really well.

Inside the box, the toy is surrounded by a custom cut foam piece, so it is fully protected during shipping, or if you happen to have butter fingers…..

Another great thing about glass, is that, if you enjoy temperature play, you can stick this in the fridge, or under hot water and you will get different sensations. I am not partial to cold, but I do enjoy a warm toy, so I tend to run it under warm water before I begin play. If you use water to change the temp, you may not even need lube, which makes it a money saver too.

Yep, I am VERY happy with #12. I thank Erotic Toy Town, again, for giving me the opportunity to work with them on this review.

Do you own this Icicles? Let me know in the comments, what your thoughts are.

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