Master Suspension Cuffs by ASLAN

suspension cuffsWhile these cuffs are comfy and made of high quality materials, they easily cut off circulation, making for an extra painful time. The hardware is zinc plated steel, instead of stainless steal; so it can hold up to a lot of heavy play, but has the ability to rust.

The idea behind these cuffs is that, they can be worn comfortably, while being partially suspended or tied to the ceiling. They have a piece of thick leather that sits above the wrist. This is the point that attaches to a “D” ring, which can be used to connect a rope or chain to a tie point above a persons’ head. There is a locking closure on these cuffs, allowing for the Top (Dom, Master….) to keep the Bottom (Sub, Slave….) from escaping. A padlock can be slipped through the closure, which will not allow the Bottom to get out of the cuffs on their own. The Master Suspension Cuffs are a heavy BDSM restraint, that is meant for use by at least two people.

The Master Suspension Cuffs were crafted by ASLAN Leather, who ALWAYS makes very high quality products. The padding on these cuffs are about 1/4″ thick, and are designed for comfort during restraint. They are made from leather, and the hardware is Zinc Plated Steel. It is made to fit a large array of wrists, from about 4″ to about 9″. My wrists are 5″ and I fit into them well, however pulling the latch far enough to close that small, takes a lot of tugging.

Once Master tugged and pulled to his hearts content, to get them as snug as he could, then locked it up, he tied me to the ceiling with them.

When I am being flogged, I tend to pull….VERY HARD! And I ended up lifting myself off the bed on a hard hit, these cuffs made it easy for me to pull up, and did not stretch or break, even during rough play. I do like the fact that these can be locked shut.


However, I find that my circulation gets cut off within a few minutes (about 5) of my arms being raised over my head, and then they HURT! Locking them can be fun and exciting, but when your arms hurt due to lack of blood flow, trying to get them off can feel like an eternity! I suggest trying them unlocked a few times before using that feature.

Putting these cuffs on is not something that I can do on my own. I have small wrists, so it takes a lot of pulling, in order to get these down to the size that will confine me. They are NOT easy to put on, but once they are on, they are comfy.

Being Leather, you do not want to get these wet. Keep them as dry as possible, and if they do get wet, dry them off right away. You can clean these by wiping them down with a damp (not WET…damp!) cloth. You could also use leather cleaner on these.

We have hooks all over our room, each one for different restraints, floggers, blindfolds and other toys; so we hang them on their own hook when not in use. If you need to hide them, you could always throw them in your panty drawer.

The Master Suspension Cuffs came unpackaged, but were connected with a tag. You can see the tag in the picture of me being tied to the ceiling.

Key Points:

  • High Quality Leather from ASLAN Leather.
  • Hardware is Zinc Plated Steel vs. Stainless Steel, which means it can rust.
  • Padding on cuffs is about 1/4″ thick, making it a comfy fit.
  • Cuffs can fit about 4″ to about 9″ wrists.
  • Has the ability to lock.

I am impressed by these, even with the circulation issue, which I expect to resolve itself as we continue to use them and break them in. I would LOVE to test out more of the Master Suspension line by ASLAN Leather, such as the Master Suspension Belt and Master Thigh Cuffs.

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