NoFauxxx Review


PLEASE NOTE: This review was originally posted in 2012. It seems that it is a bit outdated now, since the site has moved and is now using a new name.

I got the opportunity to review from EdenFantasys and got all sorts of excited! Queer porn and some bondage? YES PLEASE! As soon as I got my access codes, I headed right over there…unfortunately, my first impression wasn’t fantastic. This is what I found first off..

I don’t know if you can really see it in that picture, but if you click HERE you can see a larger screen shot. Thing is, you can see that the “This is an adult website, you must be 18 years old blah, blah, blah”, is BEHIND the video! Why the fuck would you put that behind a video? It should pop up in front of everything! I was actually pretty upset about that, but moving on…

I wasn’t interested in pictures, you can find tons of still shots anywhere on the net. I was looking for hot girl on girl scenes and so, I clicked on a video called Drew Deveaux and Cyd Loverboy: Push Up, Push It Good! because it sounded like a super hot scene. You need QuickTime to run ANY of the videos on this site, problem was, I already had it on my computer, but the site didn’t seem to want to recognize it, and made me re-install it….four times! After about an hour of trying to get NoFauxxx to recognize my QuickTime, I was finally able to watch the video…or so I thought. The video did not load very quickly, and kept turning itself off. I had to continually push the play button and became very frustrated….

Day 2 checking out the site went a little better, although the site did not want to accept my username or password, and I had to enter it 3 times (yes, I was typing it correctly) before it let me in. This time I clicked on Video: Rozen’s Gangbang and again, QuickTime didn’t work….I almost just closed the site, but refreshed it instead, and that did fix the problem.

So, onto the show (I have a thing for Jiz Lee, OMFG!) Man, this site is going to sexually frustrate me beyond belief! Again with the stopping itself! I decided to start writing this review and wait for the video to load instead. It has now been 32 minutes and the video is ALMOST done loading.

Ok, so…video over. The first minute was still a bit choppy, but after that it ran smoothly. The video itself? hot, Hot, HOT!

All-in-all, I am digging the site. There seems to be bugs here and there, but I’m sure that can easily be fixed, so I am going to overlook them, because the porn is fucking amazing! It’s raw, it’s dirty, it’s real and it’s HOT!

I love this statement on the “Mission” page.

We strive to keep our membership fees and products as low as possible to ensure that people from all classes can participate in our site. We also believe in the barter system in all aspects of our work.

They currently offer lifetime membership for only $200! That is an amazing price, and I know they will be around for a long time! Hell, they have already been around for 10 years! You could also get a 6 month pass for $125…gee, which would you pick?


Cast: Jiz Lee, Tina Horn, Courtney Trouble, April Flores
Director: Courtney Trouble


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