Padded Easy Eyes Leather Blindfold

leather blindfoldI have been looking for a top quality blindfold that would not let any light through, so I figured leather was the way to go. I picked this up on EdenFantasys after reading a few of the reviews.

I noticed that this blindfold got a lot of negative ratings for putting pressure on the eyes, which oddly enough, is why I decided to get this particular blindfold. I enjoy my eyes being poked…hard. Thing is, I enjoy the corners of my eyes being poked, not the direct center, so yea, it was uncomfortable, but bearable. I mean, I am a slave after all, so a little pain is acceptable.

The problem that I had with this blindfold is not so much the eye pressure, but the fact that it being leather, a thick leather at that(about
1/2″ thick for the eye pads); I could still see light through it. I expected to be totally in the dark, but to make sure I wasn’t fibbing, Master shined a flashlight and I was to tell him when it was on or off…..I never got it wrong, unfortunately.

On top of being able to see light though it, the strap kept slipping down. Being a belt buckle mechanism for the strap, it doesn’t fit all head sizes. Apparently my head size is in between two of the holes, and because the leather has no stretch to it, I was not able to pit it on the lower setting, and the larger one was too big. In this picture, you can see that I am able to fit 2 fingers in between my head and the strap, thing is, I couldn’t get it to go to the next notch, because that was too tight.

I did like the fact that the parts that cover the eyes move, so that it will fit all eye distances, but the flaw in the head strap is too much for me to get over. If a blindfold will not stay on, it is pointless.

The padded easy eyes leather blindfold is very sexy, in concept; but when you have to keep asking your Master to fix the blindfold, the allure wears off pretty quickly. It is 27.5″ from buckle to tip, and has 12 notches, which is supposedly there to fit multiple head sizes…..multiple, not all. Each notch, or hole is 1.5 millimeters apart, which is a really odd number in my opinion.

This is manufactured by Sinvention and is made of Leather, along with the metal parts that make up the buckle. Leather is a water resistant material, but not waterproof, so don’t go making your slave bob for apples with this blindfold on….unless that’s your kink; in which case, you know the risks and probably wouldn’t be using leather anyway. With that being said, if it needs to be cleaned, you can use a mild soap with a little bit of water and everything will be shiny and new…..or not disgusting anyway.

All-in-all, I am going to give this a 2 out of 5 stars, losing one point for being able to be seen through, one for not fitting my head properly, one for poking my eyes in all the wrong spots, and one for having a belt buckle type strap….oh that would pit it at 1/5 huh? I guess I will give 1 star back for the ability to place the eye covers in different spots, for those with an eye on the side of their head….that way they aren’t left out of the fun.

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