The Mile High Club

mile high clubThe Mile High Club was edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. It features 19 stories by : Bill Kte’pi, Zach Lindley, Desiree, Jeremy Edwards, Sommer Marsden, Matt Conklin, Vanessa Vaughn, Craig J. Sorensen, Donna George Storey, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Stan Kent, Elizabeth Coldwell, Thomas S. Roche, Alison Tyler, Geneva King, Kristina Wright, Ryan Field, and Cheyenne Blue. There was an introduction called Flying High from Rachel Kramer Bussell. After the 19 stories there are 5 pages dedicated to giving you a bit of info about the authors and a page for the editor as well.

This anthology is 187 pages long and presents you with stories that feature some very creative ways to join the Mile High Club. Many of the stories feature heterosexuals but there were a few that had some nice moments that featured same sex partners as well as a threesomes. There were stories that featured the Mile High Club that we all might be acquainted with, the sneaking to the bathroom and hoping nobody see you both go in. There were couples hiding their lovemaking under blankets. As a whole this compilation featured some very hot stories. While the stories may not be for everyone they give great ideas for those special playtimes.

This book is in typical trade paperback size, 8” by 5 ½”. It isn’t the sturdiest book since it is a paperback but should last you a good long while if proper care is taken with it. The cover is not discreet at all, so unless you like people staring at you while you read, you might want to take some precautions before reading this in public. You could make a book cover for it or hide it behind a magazine so no one knows what may be running around in that dirty little head of yours.

I think it would be exciting to join the mile high club but since I have never even been on a plane that won’t be happening anytime soon. I think reading this anthology and others like it is the next best thing. You may not like every single story in this book but it definitely gives some food for thought when deciding what your next fantasy is going to be. Why not buy a sexy stewardess outfit and pretend you’ve just arrived home after the longest and worst flight ever? He’ll have a hot bath filled with wonderful scents to tantalize you and revitalize you for a night of lovemaking that you won’t soon forget.


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