TighTenz Moisturizing Toner Inserts

tightenzI have tried so many different tightening items, from $5 Ben Wa balls to the $250 Jopen Intensity, as well as the best priced free kegels, but nothing seemed to work for me. I was getting really aggravated and willing to try anything that didn’t involve surgery, although I wasn’t completely putting that out of my mind just yet.

Although I will be honest with you, I had literally no faith in TighTenz, I was excited to try them out, since it was something new that I hadn’t tried before. They sent me 3 boxes to review, each box contained 8 of their vaginal inserts. They were in 2 strips, with each strip holding 4 individual inserts. The first thing I noticed when opening them, was that if you don’t cut them apart, so you are only opening 1 at a time, you WILL end up opening the other pouches. I did not let them get to the point of being able to dry out, since I used them right away, but I would think that if you accidentally opened one and then let it be, it might dry out, rendering the insert useless, but again, that is just a guess. Due to this slight issue, I highly recommend cutting them apart before you plan on needing them. Once I noticed this, I cut all of the other inserts apart, just do I didn’t ruin them.

According to the Certificate of Analysis, they have a “bitter and astringent taste.” but I am sorry, you will not catch me actually tasting them. I didn’t notice a smell of any sort, but what I did notice was the nasty greenish yellow color that was leaking from my vag after it had melted. It really isn’t pretty!

With that being said, these things WORK! I don’t give a fuck about the leaking color, since they WORK! After inserting one of these bullet-shaped things, I waited about 5 minutes, then put a finger inside of myself to test tightness, and I could already feel a difference! At this point, I hadn’t told Master what I had done, I just waited for Him to come in the room about 20 minutes later, and told him to fuck me. Well of course, He was not about to argue with me and was happy to help with the review that He knew nothing of. I was able to tell by His reactions that He felt a difference in me. Once we were done, He asked me if I had just had non-stop orgasms, since that is what it felt like for Him. I had a few, but not non-stop. Once I told Him what was up, He was tickled pink and excited to find something that actually worked for me.

The melted goop that comes from this insert, has a bit of a gritty feel to it, although that is not noticeable during intercourse. I did find that they did not insert easily, like regular suppositories. This is because they are not oil based, so they don’t slide in easily, you have to push them in with a little bit of force. I found that they wanted (yes they have a mind of their own that makes them want to do things…) to turn on their side when I inserted them, so I ended up putting it between two of my fingers and my thumb to insert it and keep it straight. I don’t think it matters much HOW it goes in though, I am just a bit OCD I guess.

After talking with TighTenz, I was told that you get the best results at about 2 hours after insertion, and they can last up to 36 hours! I thought I was going crazy, when the next day, I woke up for a nice morning sex session, to find that I was still tight! It was fantastic!

Tightenz is made in the USA and has been thoroughly tested for safety in an FDA approved lab, and are individually sealed under sanitary conditions and shipped in a tamper-resistant box. Tightenz contains no alum or parabens and is a PEG based suppository with the natural and herbal active ingredients zinc oxide, quercus infectoria, aletris farinosa, viola tricolor, citrus aurantium and terminalia chebula. This makes me really happy. I mean, they work, but if they had nasty chemicals in them, I think I would have to pass on them; so natural and herbal ingredients in a product that does what it is supposed to do (when NO OTHER product I have tried does) is amazing, and very appreciated!

Now, since Master had a vasectomy, we don’t use birth control, however, TighTenz is not oil based, so you can use it with condoms and it doesn’t interact with oral contraceptives.

You can buy TighTenz at an introductory price of $69.99, which puts them at $8.75 each or 24c per hour of use!

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