überlube test run!



When it comes to our, er, line of work, there are a few essential tools. Next to a good toy cleaner, lube is what keeps all the kinkery safe and fun. I recently heard about a lube to end all lubes called überlube. I came into this whole thing with some reservations. Lube is lube, right? I’ve tried them all. Warming, tingling, scented, flavored, numbing, water based, silicone based, even one that promised to make that “O” last longer. Some good, some great, but overall, they just got the job done. Well, I got a care package from THE brand themselves and began seeing what all the fuss was about.



The first thing I noticed was some very classy packaging!  This glass bottle is well made and looks great sitting on a side table, though I’m not sure I’ll leave this out as a nick-nack. The pump and neck of the bottle are really secure and add to the overall, clean design. This 50ml (1.7oz) bottle retails for $18. Price wise, I’d say this is certainly a premium lubricant.

Aside from the beautiful glass packaging, überlube also makes an easy to take with you container. Keeping with the sleek, polished look of glass, they added a nice carrying case that easily hides both the name and contents of your tube and protects the glass bottle as well.



überlube promises to have a natural feel that improves skin sensation and eliminates friction, perform well and never leaves a greasy, oily feeling on your skin. I found all of these to be true, plus some. überlube is silicone based making it safe for all types of body play, it’s scentless, tasteless and didn’t stain any of my fabrics. The feel of überlube is unlike any lube I’ve ever owned. It’s silky and long lasting, but excess can be rubbed into skin much like a moisturizer. It remains hydrating and lubricating during play but is quick to turn silky and absorb into the skin afterwards. For that reason, this has to be one of the least messy lubricants I’ve ever tried.

Long story, short: This lube feels incredible.
It’s condom safe, vegan friendly and made in the USA. Athletes also love überlube to combat chaffing for runners, bikers and more.
All this being said, I have just ONE negative. Because this is silicone based, I can’t use it with any silicone toys. This is hard for me because my most favorite toys are silicone!




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