Wartenberg Pinwheel


Ahh the Wartenberg Pinwheel! It is a torture device to love! I have wanted one of these for a really long time, and then Babeland came up with the great idea of having me review it, man do they rock!

The Wartenberg Pinwheel (also goes by Wartenberg Wheel and Wartenberg neurowheel) was originally designed to test nerve sensitivity. Robert Wartenberg invented this device because he figured out that the points at the end of the wheel, being the same distance apart, could test to see if a patient had…yep, you guessed it, Wartenberg’s disease, also known as Wartenberg’s Syndrome, which is a radial nerve entrapment at the forearm ad shows itself as an ulnar paralysis the little finger being in a position of abduction.

Ok, so now that you know the back story of the Wartenberg Pinwheel, let’s talk about why I am reviewing it on a sex toy site.

I do not show any signs of nerve entrapment in the forearm, or anywhere else for that matter, but this device is loved and used by many BDSMers for a little bit of fun torture.

Pointy, spikey, ouch, LOVE IT! If used lightly it can tickle and you can still put pressure on it to make it a bit more painful. I have been told that those into bloodplay (which is still not something I have been able to handle yet, but am curious about) like to use it pretty darn hard, and poke through the skin. I, however, have pressed hard with this and have not yet been able to poke it through my skin, just leave little indents for a few minutes.

This is stainless steel so cleanup is really easy and you have a bunch of options. If you have an autoclave, that is obviously the best one, but that is pretty pricey, and I for one, would not buy one unless I had a larger collection of stainless steel toys. You can use a 10% Bleach Solution or boil it as well.

The Wartenberg Pinwheel is manufactured by The Stockroom and can be found at Babeland for $20. This is a really great investment and will last a really long time due to the high quality of the materials used.

Obviously if you are playing rough and using this for blood play, you will not want to share it with another person.

The Wartenberg Pinwheel is about 7″ long all together, and the round head is about 1″ in diameter. Each of the spikes are about 1/4″ long and spaced about 1/6″ apart.

When used lightly, it is great for beginners looking for a new sensation, and it will last a really long time, so if you eventually get into hard play, this toy will still be available for use during tough sessions, all you do is add a little more pressure.

It is really hard to see, but in the middle of my arm, here, I rolled the pinwheel pretty hard. It didn’t break the skin, only left a line of indents. Actually, by the time I took the picture, uploaded it to my site and wrote this sentence, the marks were gone, so they don’t even stay that long.

I enjoy having this run over my back and my arms, Master enjoys torturing me by using it lightly on my sides. I HATE being tickled….give me the pain any day!

Babeland shipped it just like this in the box. It came in a little ziplock-like baggy and was protected with brown paper wadded up inside the box. It did the trick, and that’s all that matters, right?

Anyway, I HIGHLY suggest this for anyone wanting to play with sensations, for the newbies and the advanced BDSMers, this toy is a MUST have in your toy chest! I am very glad that I was finally able to get one, after months of trying to find a store with any instock.

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